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Name:Eden Carr
Birthdate:Nov 3
Eden is stubborn, dangerous, often detached, and her temper can flare unexpectedly. These characteristics, along with her ability to charm nearly anyone, make her very good at her self-appointed career.

She likes to call herself a retrieval specialist, but in reality, she makes a living abducting and delivering people in exchange for cash. She walks a very fine moral line, and her views of right and wrong can lead others to consider her cold.

Despite surface appearances, Eden possesses a deeply guarded vulnerability, but it isn't easily realized. She's a loner, careful about not getting too close. She's not afraid to speak her mind, but she also understands when and how to choose her words wisely. Her past haunts her, but she's grown adept at not letting it show.

Eden is an original character designed for the Sanctuary fandom, but she exists equally as well, elsewhere.

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